In the beginning

Born from imagination and a Lego prototype, this outstanding villa is a dream brought to life. Meticulously constructed to create a stylish and luxurious family home in this glorious tropical paradise

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From the Owners

We first came to Sri Lanka in 2012 and fell in love with the island straight away. Our great friend Sebastian took us along the coast road to see some land he was selling near Dikwella. We bumped along the track and pulled up at the incumbent bungalow; as we looked down through the jungle to the turquoise sea we were in awe. Before our holiday was over we had already set the plans in motion to make this patch of paradise our own.

Within a week of being back in the UK, we had the children's Lego out and used the pieces to create a plan of our dream Sri Lankan home. This was one Lego model that the children were not going to take apart.

The land has now been transformed into a breathtaking colonial villa boasting 7 bedrooms, sculpted tropical gardens, a yoga shala and two swimming pools. We threw ourselves into designing every single aspect of the project and have taken meticulous care in such fine detail such as the shape of the staircase, the style of the balustrades, the height of the lights and even the direction of the floorboards.


Throughout our experience of building Meda Gedara we have had serendipity on our side. A word strongly associated with Sri Lanka, it means 'a fortunate surprise'. From buying the land from our friend Sebastian, to meeting a fellow Cheltonian, Oliver Francis, an experienced Project Manager living in Galle whom had previously lived but a stone's throw from our Gloucestershire home in the UK.  Oliver introduced us to another Cheltonian, David Kenyon, an Architectural Designer based in Colombo.

The interior design follows a theme of relaxed luxury - or what the magazines might term 'Colonial Chic'. Much of the furniture was sourced from auction houses throughout the UK, however many items including the beds and veranda furniture have been designed and manufactured to specification, locally in Sri Lanka.

The Professionals

David Kenyon, our Architectural Designer, has spent the last 4 years meticulously discussing every single design detail, passionately assisting in developing the project from the Lego prototype to what you see today. It would not be unusual to spend 20+ hours a week on Skype, screen sharing plans and renders, ensuring the perfect design: the architraves, the door mechanics, the hinges, the grouting, the shape of the windows, the depth of fret, electrical layouts and light switch locations - which were all in fact a nightmare! Based in Colombo he has exceptional internet connection and can be contacted via

With 10 years experience in Sri Lanka, Oliver Frances, our project manager was perfectly positioned to drive the project from inception through to fruition; his experience ensured we were protected from so many of the difficulties associated with building in the Tropics. His patience with us as enthusiastic clients has been extraordinary!

We are in Sri Lanka, with the most remarkable team of labourers, craftsmen and engineers of all skills and life learnt trades. The real thanks for the incredible hard work, patience and indisputable hard graft lies at the door of the building contractor, Southern Construction & Engineering and their cast of hundreds, combined with the numerous sub-contractors and suppliers who worked tirelessly through countless challenges and variations to deliver our dream.

Meda Gedara. 'The Middle House'. Somewhere between here and there, connecting you and them. To meet, to laugh, to love and remember.


We hope you enjoy the fruits of all of our labour as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


August 2017


Set in carefully sculpted tropical gardens that roll down to a deserted beach on the Indian Ocean; you can make Meda Gedara your own for an unforgettable family holiday.