Fun for all

Meda Gedara was designed specifically for family holidays so there's more than enough to keep all ages entertained all day long, in the villa, in the garden, in the pool or on the beach, being bored isn't an option!

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The great outdoors

The tropical garden is stunning, the wild beach at the bottom is breathtaking and the split level swimming pool complete with 74 foot water flume is unbelievable. There's a heavenly yoga shala looking out to sea, and there's even an umpire's hut in which to sit and watch the garden cricket match. It's so thoughtfully designed; it's family utopia.

... and the brilliantly designed interiors.

Meda Gedara is packed with entertainment. We have kitted out this cool haven with fun and games of all descriptions, cards & board games and other entertaining facilities for you and your family to use whenever you wish. Our cinema room is popular with parents and children alike, unless you would like to convert it into a huge ground floor bedroom for the teenagers to sleep in? There's also the kids' TV room which is right in the middle of the living area, perfect for the after lunch rest for the little ones - parents can just look through the cunning 'peep' window to see what's going on in there without disturbing them.

This has been the best family holiday ever. We’ve travelled from all corners of the earth to meet in the middle at Meda Gedara and what an amazing meeting place it is too. The villa is absolutely perfect for all ages. There’s the water slide and the beach, cricket matches and games of Scrabble, massages and movie nights. It’s all so wonderful that it was hard to tear ourselves away to enjoy the abundance of days out, but there’s nothing nicer than going out for the day because you get to return to this slice of heaven.

The Granny from Salisbury, UK

Make memories that will last forever

Book your next holiday at Meda Gedara and prepare to make memories that you will never forget. Spend mornings by the pool, afternoons exploring local attractions, and evenings indulging in delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.