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Galle Fort

A visit to Galle Fort is a must during your stay, It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site within a hours drive of the villa. Galle Fort is a beautiful 18th century Dutch walled town with an endlessly exotic boho – chic atmosphere, but which is being developed so rapidly now that it’s loosing some of its dilapidated old charm. There are tropical and historic sights around every corner. Punctuated with a lighthouse at one end and huge entrance arches in the rampart walls at the other end. Hidden amongst the tiny cobbled street are boutique shops and galleries with heady aromas of spices, grand colonial town houses there’s buzz of energy in the salty air. With so much versatility, there is something for everyone when exploring Galle.

Dondra Lighthouse

A 15 minute drive from Meda Gedara you’ll find the small town of Denvundara, home to the Dondra Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1889 by the British and stands 54 m high; it is still working today guiding ships to safety. The lighthouse is positioned in the most beautifully manicured gardens. The view from the top of the lighthouse is breath taking; make sure your feeling energetic to climb the 196 steps to reach the top!

Star Fort

Star Fort is a miniature version of the Dutch Forts around Sri Lanka, giving you a good understanding as to how they were designed and built. It’s in very good condition and if you’re interested in history or archaeology then it’s well worth a visit. Leave about 40 minutes to give yourself enough time to investigate the mechanics of the drawbridge!

Hoo-maniya Blow Hole

The Blow Hole is a natural wonder, only 25 minutes drive from the villa. It’s a cliff and rock formation that mysteriously shoots spouts of water straight into the air. The extent of the pressure is dependent on the tides and the wind but time it right and you’ll see water spurting up to 100 foot into the air, so it’s best to go on a windy day and during high tide.

There’s an entrance fee for foreigners and a large, modern visitor’s center. To get to the viewing platform there is a climb up the cliff but the view is worth it when you get there.