Welcome to Om Ceylon, our exclusive retreat at MG. Our carefully curated programme encompasses unbelievable food, heavenly yoga, exciting adventures and splendid comfort. 17th February - 24th February & 25th February - 2nd March 2024.

Om Ceylon offers individuals and couples the chance to stay at Meda Gedara, voted one of the worlds most luxurious villas. You can wallow in the surroundings, indulge in incredible gastronomy whilst enjoying long lingering meals, work on your mind & body in our yoga programme and explore the breathtaking local area with our planned adventures. Expect the same level of detail to be applied to our retreats as has been given to the award winning design of the villa and gardens.

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Om Ceylon

Meet our world class team

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Jay Halford as Executive Chef who will be creating menus to dream about, combining unbelievable flavours and textures.

The yoga and wellness program will be lead by Chaminda K-P, Meda Gedara's resident yogi and Grace McGeehan our London based restorative yogi who will be returning once again to Om Ceylon to guide us through the evening practices. The combination will be beautifully complimentary.

Should you wish to explore the area then hostess Fiona McLeod will guide us to climb to the top of huge rocks for sunrise meditation, gaze in wonder at the paintings in the local temple, ride bikes through the paddy fields or punt through the waterways of Kalametiya bird sanctuary,  these are some of the optional adventures planned for the week.

Jay Halford, Executive Chef

Michelin trained, health food genius

We are absolutely over the moon to be collaborating with Jay Halford as Meda Gedara's new Executive Chef. Michelin trained Jay swerved the traditional route to focus on vegan gastronomy and is a master of juice cleanse programs. His menus at Om Ceylon will be showcasing amazing local produce including a plethora of delicious locally caught fish.  His healthy menu will take us on a journey to discover the most delicate of flavours and  astonishing combinations.

We'll dine at the verandah table, we'll dine in the garden and we'll also dine on the beach. Prepare your tastebuds and your senses for unforgettable dining experiences.

The atmosphere at Meda Gedara is the perfect location to appreciate Jay's incredible menu, savouring every mouthful and indulging in lingering meal times.


Chaminda & Grace

Yoga for the mind & body

Through movement, breathing, chanting and meditation our experienced yogi team will lead you on a journey of self discovery that will energise your mind, body and soul. With the combination of Chaminda's traditional Hatha practice, Kundalini chanting and meditation, along side Grace's flowing Vinyasa and restorative Yin, your mind will be so invested in yoga that all the hectic stresses of day to day home-life will vanish.

Twice daily, if you choose, you can spend time in the ocean facing yoga shala being lead in an encouraging deep breathing practice which will activate your diaphragm and engage your parasympathetic nervous system and the sound of the ocean waves soothes your soul.

At the end of their immersive programme you will feel like a magician has sprinkled new life into you physically, emotionally and mentally.



Spend time concentrating on your health, self love is the very best gift you can give yourself.

Meda Gedara is the perfect destination to escape to and an Om Ceylon retreat gives you all the tools you need for an astonishing week of wellness.