Next Retreat: 8th-15th February 2020

Welcome to Meda Gedara Villa, the perfect retreat destination. Whether you wish to attend one of our Om Ceylon retreats or organise your own retreat we believe we have every facility you need to enjoy, or manage, the perfect retreat. The accommodation sleeps up to 18 and is so versatile that it appeals to all budgets. With the ocean facing yoga shala, proximity to surfing beaches, plethora of local activities, brilliant chef creating menus to dream about and an incredible team of staff , what more could you ask for? Pack your bags.....

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Om Ceylon yoga & adventure retreat

Saturday 8th - Saturday 15th February 2020

Om Ceylon is a retreat like no other, this is not your average retreat centre, this is exclusive luxury, bringing Sri Lankan retreats to a whole new level. Just being within our Ocean facing yoga shala is calming therapy but over the 6 days our brilliant teacher, Grace McGeehan will help you get your mind & body into a peaceful balance. At the end of every practice a butler will bring you a fresh king coconut, our incredible masseur will be available to ease out any stresses and our sensational menu will have you dreaming about your next delicious meal. You can expect the same level of detail to be applied to our retreats as we have given to the design of the villa and gardens.

Should you wish to explore the area then you're free to do so, we can help create the perfect itinerary for you during your stay.

Yoga & wellbeing retreats

Take yourself on a journey of relaxation, fitness and delicious food that will energise your mind, body and soul. You can wallow in the beautiful, luxurious surroundings, enjoy guided yoga practice, explore the rich culture and incredible scenery. At the end of the day you'll enjoy a candle lit dinner whilst watching the sunset dance upon the Indian Ocean. Meda Gedara’s peaceful spirit is the perfect place for you to unwind and connect with your own wellbeing.

We try not to be too serious about things, this is a holiday after all - being happy and having fun is highly recommended!    

Foodie Retreats

Join our Chef on a culinary journey that will tantalise your tastebuds and give you a deep understanding of the flavours of Sri Lanka. As well as perfecting some of the classic dishes that he puts his personal touch to, he will teach you to be adventurous with techniques. Meda Gedara is the perfect location to indulge in all things delicious and enjoy lovely long meal times before a super relaxing afternoon spent dozing in a hammock or perhaps having a competitive game of table tennis. Your time is your own to create the perfect retreat for you.

Escape to paradise

Whether you are looking to book a retreat or organise one yourself, Meda Gedara is the perfect location to escape to. Enjoy peaceful views of the ocean, indulge in delicious Sri Lankan cuisine, and spend time concentrating on you.