Team Spirit

Indulge your key workers on a company incentive trip they will never forget. Time spent at Meda Gedara will undoubtedly motivate your team.

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Build your team.

Meda Gedara is the perfect location to whisk your team away to. For those on a bonding, team-building exercise, there's plenty of space to work in teams or independently and with so many alternative activities on offer we can help tailor make a package to suit your needs. A week or a few days at Meda Gedara will allow you the space you need to get your team together and create a really tight working unit.

Reward your team.

Everybody loves to feel valued and sometimes rewarding your team is just what's needed to say 'THANK YOU'.

 There's surfing, cultural trips, market visits, local cooking lessons, yoga sessions, massages or temple visits, or you might just want days spent relaxing by the pool, there really is something to suit everyone. Let us help you design the perfect trip for your key workers so they return to their desks feeling highly rewarded, relaxed, revitalised and above all really motivated.

Make memories that will last forever

Book your next holiday at Meda Gedara and prepare to make memories that you will never forget. Spend mornings by the pool, afternoons exploring local attractions, and evenings indulging in delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.